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What are the problems with the treatment of renal failure?

2017-06-28 15:53

What are the problems with the treatment of renal failure? Nephropathy experts pointed out that renal failure is a stage of renal insufficiency, the following experts for kidney disease for your specific description of renal failure and renal dysfunction related knowledge.

Renal failure is the third stage of renal insufficiency, due to the reasons for renal failure and more complex symptoms, so the clinical treatment of renal failure is more difficult, especially with urinary tract infection, etc., after treatment of renal failure is not timely, will break the balance State, into the end of renal failure uremia. But the failure of kidney failure does not mean that there is no good way to treat renal failure, can not say that each kidney failure patients will go into uremia?

A good way to treat kidney failure will depend mainly on two points:

First, the patient has not used for their own condition and the degree of fibrosis treatment of renal failure method;

Second, there is no control of the work done to prevent other causes of disease progression.

The condition has been to renal failure, many patients may choose to give up that the treatment of renal failure has not been effective way, only quietly waiting for the advent of uremia. But by checking we learned that patients with renal failure, although the glomerular filtration rate has dropped to 10 to 15 ml per minute, but there are still 20% of the survival of the kidney unit, that is to say as long as the disease continues to deteriorate , To seize the root causes of the disease, to protect the residual kidney units from damage, then the kidney failure can be blocked, the disease can be treated.

In summary, the majority of patients with kidney disease friends are clear the difference between renal failure and renal dysfunction, right? Hope that the patient friends active treatment, to restore good health!

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