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Why patients with chronic renal failure will often have a fe

2017-06-13 09:06

Cold fever is a common phenomenon in patients with chronic renal failure, it is also a common factor of kidney disease recurrence, poor control will lead to disease deterioration, first of all, fever can cause increased proteinuria, increase the burden on the kidneys; and then there is the use of fever, Cause the disease to rebound. So in daily life, chronic renal failure patients should be how to deal with the phenomenon of frequent fever?

Cause of fever:

Because of the large amount of protein loss and strict protein diet restrictions, chronic renal failure patients often have hypoproteinemia, which reduces the patient's immune system, so patients are particularly vulnerable to infection, including upper respiratory tract infection, skin infections, intestinal infections , Urinary tract infections and so on. When the body's immune system start to fight these infections, the patient will have a fever.


1, improve the immunity: to ensure adequate nutrition, the appropriate exercise is the basic method. For patients with low fever better not to take medicine, to avoid kidney damage. If you really can not stand it, please ask the doctor for the corresponding treatment of drugs. The key point is treatment.

2, rest: should take more bed rest when the symptoms are obvious, no obvious symptoms should also avoid physical labor; edema, high blood pressure should take low salt diet.

3, anti-infection: active prevention and treatment of infection, remove the infected lesions, pay attention to diet, do not eat leftovers, keep warm and avoid cold, less places to flow, protect the skin clean, The

4, the remission should pay attention to work and rest, to avoid fatigue and cold by wet; active prevention and treatment, to avoid infection; to avoid the use of drugs have damage on the kidney; female patients should not be pregnant.

In short, patients with chronic renal failure will have fever because of the system, in turn, the fever will cause damage to the kidneys. So the prevention and timely treatment is very necessary.


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