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How to deal with pulmonary edema in renal failure?

2017-06-13 08:58
Renal failure in patients with pulmonary edema, what to do? Recently, many patients with kidney disease consult the problem, the following, kidney disease experts will explain the causes of renal edema and treatment, hope to give you a little help.
Renal failure in patients with pulmonary edema in the respiratory system is easy to merge respiratory infections, interstitial pneumonia, etc. Develop to a certain extent, renal failure patients will appear pulmonary edema symptoms of nephropathy. Pulmonary edema is a common organ damage, the mechanism is not yet fully clear, but may be related to the following factors:
1, kidney disease caused by water and sodium retention, metabolic acidosis, electrolyte imbalance, severe anemia;
2, excessive treatment of kidney disease during treatment;
3, kidney disease easily lead to renal hypertension, and hypertension can cause varying degrees of left heart failure, resulting in pulmonary congestion, edema;
4, oliguria patients with renal disease due to decreased resistance, causing infection, and the human body infection, can be in a high metabolic state, endogenous water is more than normal;
5, some people think that the main reason is because serum creatinine and urea nitrogen increased, or that the presence of a small molecule guanidine substances in the lung caused by increased pulmonary capillary permeability.
Pulmonary edema is one of the most common complications of renal failure, but also a common cause of death, so patients must identify the cause, symptomatic treatment. Of course, the most important is to reverse renal function, lung water can be fundamentally resolved.
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