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What are the diets that help prevent kidney disease?

2017-06-09 16:35

There is such a saying "people to food for the day", and in our country the essence of culture - traditional Chinese medicine, there is a very effective therapy - "diet." For patients suffering from the disease - kidney disease. Whether it can through the traditional Chinese medicine diet method, so as to avoid suffering from kidney disease? The answer is possible, now, Xiaobian will be readers to help prevent kidney disease diet point of attention.

Adequate Vitamins: This is a chronic kidney disease in the daily need to pay attention to a diet principle. Patients with chronic kidney disease should eat more rich in vitamin A, B and C and iron rich foods to meet the needs of the body, such as fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits and animal offal, with liver, eggs, tomatoes, red dates, peanuts, Eggplant, edible fungus, watermelon, radish, cucumber, citrus, kiwi, natural fruit juice, but blood uric acid and high blood lipids should not eat animal offal Vitamin C is beneficial to iron absorption, edible tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, watermelons, citrus, kiwi and natural fruit juice and other food.

Low phosphorus: control their own diet which phosphorus content for patients with chronic kidney disease is very important. Chronic renal failure patients often have elevated blood phosphorus, so limiting the intake of phosphorus in the diet is very important to control blood phosphorus. Should develop low-phosphorus diet program, try to avoid eating phosphorus-rich foods such as yeast, whole grains, dried beans, hard fruit, seafood, animal offal, brain and so on. Egg yolk high phosphorus, 1 week no more than 2, cooking fish and lean meat, you can first boil about, and then remove the stir fry, to reduce the amount of phosphorus in the fish.

Nephrotic patients to how to add nutrition? Protein supply, the general supply should be the normal demand, adult daily weight per kilogram of 0.8 to 1.0 grams. And the use of high physical value of protein, such as eggs, dairy, meat, etc., to compensate for the loss of excretion, to avoid and treatment of edema and anemia.

If accompanied by high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia, to limit the diet of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol levels. For cases of anemia, should be rich in protein and iron foods, such as liver, kidneys, beef, egg yolk and green leafy vegetables.

Daily chronic kidney disease patients must actively adhere to the principle of vitamin and low phosphorus diet, so as to better let themselves remove the kidney disease hazards. At the same time, chronic kidney disease longer course, so patients should have long-term treatment of patience, to prevent halfway to give up treatment, leading to serious consequences.

Before we read this article, we may have such doubts, how to regulate the diet of patients with kidney disease? This article is very good for everyone to answer this difficult problem, if you want to know more about kidney disease, please continue Pay attention to this article.

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