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The causes of end-stage renal failure and the treatment

2017-06-08 16:40
The causes of end-stage renal failure and the treatment.End-stage renal failure is a serious disorder of renal function, can lead to a variety of complications caused by patients. Some of these complications may also endanger the patient's life. An understanding of the causes of end-stage renal disease can effectively help patients get formal treatment.
For most medical diseases, modern medicine to find a phenomenon; whether it is bacteria, viruses or metabolites, they can lead to some immune response, which is caused by a combination of immune complexes.
Often, these immune complexes will flow along with the blood circulation, usually sweat, urine and stool in the form of excreted, the only way, the body's internal system can remain normal.
What happens if these immune complexes are not cleared? For example, if the patient has a large number of bacteria and viruses, it will form a large number of immune complexes. If the amount of immune complex in the body is greater than the body's ability to excrete, These immune complexes will accumulate in the body. The implantation areas of these immune complexes are: internal organs such as kidney, and the other is blood.
From the above analysis, the underlying cause of end-stage renal disease is blood contamination.
Because the blood circulation by the pollution, the body of the system in the body will be damaged, etc. There will be a series of symptoms and complications will occur. Therefore, the treatment should be from the clean contaminated blood, only to alleviate the end-stage renal disease complications can not be of great help.
Chinese medicine blood purification methods are quite developed, including hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, plasma exchange, blood filtration, immune adsorption, and so on. However, these methods can only purify the blood temporarily and can not improve kidney conditions.
China's blood purification methods are more advanced than Chinese and Western medicine, mainly in China using oral Chinese medicine, hot therapy, medicine bath, steam therapy and other therapy for kidney treatment, these treatments focus on improving the patient's renal function and purify the blood.
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