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The relationship between nephropathy and exercise

2017-06-06 10:27

Life is movement. Nephrotic patients with appropriate exercise, for the treatment and recovery of the disease great benefit. Often see some patients, due to fatigue overwork and neglect of exercise or not exercise, long bed rest, mental depression. This is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, is not conducive to the effect of treatment. On the contrary, should face up to the disease, do some appropriate exercise, such as playing tai chi, walking and so on their own and do not give the sick body damage caused by the movement.


Most of the patients with kidney disease are limited intake of high protein foods, nutritional supplements for the diet there are some problems, such as mental stress and their own economic conditions, loss of appetite and other factors, making the body more weak, easily lead to colds, gastrointestinal Road infections and so on. If the appropriate exercise, not only can enhance the body's resistance to disease, to maintain a pleasant mood, but also to a certain extent, increase the amount of food for the malnutrition, lack of protein-induced muscle atrophy, there are some improvements.


Kidney disease have varying degrees of heart failure, great harm to patients, such as accompanied by high blood pressure, anemia that is more serious. One way to control blood pressure is to exercise long-term exercise, so that the weight loss of the patient in order to better control blood pressure, but also exercise the heart function; anemia can also be improved by exercise, it can play to enhance blood red The role of the prime. At present, clinically, recombinant human erythropoietin has been widely used in the treatment of renal anemia.

For long-term dialysis, due to the lack of active vitamin D, can cause kidney bone disease. Food supplement vitamin D, due to the conversion of active vitamin D enzyme is inhibited, can not be used by the body; added active vitamin agents, with complications associated with hypercalcemia. Can be more in outdoor sports, sunbathing, by photochemical synthesis of the role of the formation of natural vitamin D, to improve the incidence of renal bone disease.

Skin itching for renal failure patients are more common, especially in the elderly, skin aging, sebaceous glands, sweat glands function, so that the skin dry, itching is more common. To prevent skin itching is a dialysis full, appropriate bath, the skin irritating food not eat; the second is to do the appropriate exercise, exercise slightly sweating when the skin is appropriate, plus skin massage, promote blood circulation, Prevention and treatment of skin itching has a certain positive effect.

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