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Chronic renal failure can be divided into several periods

2017-06-05 10:24

As long as the diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner, chronic renal failure can be controlled

For all reasons, people can be said to "talk about kidney decay", most people think that kidney failure is equivalent to the sentence "dead". actually not. Even if the uremia is not all terminally ill. Some patients if they can be found in time to treat the original disease of the reversible factors, and added to correct, uremia can be reversed. Such as various causes of hypercalcemia, lupus nephritis or hypokalemia can cause kidney damage and uremia, and its clinical manifestations and sometimes chronic nephritis caused by uremia is very similar, but such as Can be timely detection and treatment of primary disease, the condition can be reversed. In addition, to correct some of the reversible factors that increase the renal failure, but also can improve renal function.

Chronic renal failure can be pided into the following period: ① azotemia, early renal failure, serum creatinine has increased, but <450 umol / L, usually no obvious symptoms, may have mild anemia, polyuria And nocturia; ② renal failure, serum creatinine was significantly increased, about 450 - 707umol / L, anemia significantly increased nocturia, may have nausea, vomiting, hypertension and other symptoms; â ... uremia, kidney Late decline, serum creatinine> 707umol / L, a variety of symptoms, and more serious. Azotemia is a critical period of renal failure treatment, in strict control diet, blood pressure, etc., mainly by the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment. After treatment, can delay the development of renal failure, some patients may return to the normal range of creatinine. Even to the renal failure period, is also advocated to the main combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment. According to our experience, to take the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, can make azotemia patients delayed 5 to 10 years into the uremic period, so that patients with renal failure delayed 3 - 5 years into uremia. After conservative treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine is invalid, and into the uremic period, should be as soon as possible dialysis treatment. In the dialysis treatment at the same time, can also be combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment, in order to reduce the discomfort caused by dialysis treatment, there may reduce the number of dialysis.

In short, self-monitoring, self-care for each of us are very important, sick to be early treatment, Mo disease because of small and unreasonable, until the sick did not get the rule regret. Nor can it be ill and ill. I hope that "a certain young death" news forever away from us.

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