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What are the common symptoms of kidney failure?

2017-06-05 10:20

For renal failure disease, what are the common symptoms of symptoms? Renal failure after the disease, the patient will generally have what kind of symptoms? Renal failure after the onset of what kind of symptoms will occur? Renal failure will give patients health The impact of it? After the onset of renal failure disease, the patient's health will be what kind of injury? For renal failure disease, what are the symptoms of common symptoms?

Common symptoms of renal failure:

1, the degree of anemia and renal dysfunction was a parallel relationship, the more severe renal impairment is anemia heavier, the general blood BUN increased by 2.8 ~ 4.2mmol / L, hemoglobin can be reduced by about 10g / L. When the renal function improved or after adequate dialysis, anemia is expected to improve.

2, bone marrow erythrocyte system proliferation near normal, reticulocyte index slightly lower or normal, manifested as non-proliferative anemia. 

3, the shape was positive pigment, orthodox cell anemia, peripheral blood can be seen in a few morphological irregular cells, such as "prickly" cells, spherical cells. When BUN> 16mmol / L, "thorn" cells are quite common, the frequency of which is roughly related to the degree of uremia.

4, some cases of anemia as the main symptoms, lack of kidney disease history or only the increase in nocturia as the only renal dysfunction history.

For renal failure disease, what are the common symptoms? Renal failure rehabilitation experts, patients with renal failure disease must have a correct understanding of the body when the problem can be positive and timely to the regular hospital examination and treatment , Kidney failure disease to patients with great harm, should learn health care in life.

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