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What are the pathogenesis of renal failure after the onset o

2017-06-05 10:13

Renal failure after the onset of what disease can cause the disease? Chronic renal failure disease will produce what kind of clinical manifestations? Renal failure after the onset of what kind of symptoms will be? Renal failure will give patients health what kind of impact? Experts for the treatment of renal failure in general which method of choice? Renal failure after the onset of what disease will cause it?

1. Diabetic nephropathy: Diabetic nephropathy is one of the three major complications of diabetes, of which about 30% to 50% type 1, type 2 onset after 20 years accounted for 25% to 50%.

2. Hypertensive kidney disease: renal failure long-term sustained blood pressure can cause progressive renal sclerosis, and accelerate the occurrence of renal artery atherosclerosis, leading to renal damage. To delay the progress of chronic renal failure, people must first raise awareness of the hazards of hypertension.

3. renal interstitial tubular disease: the kidneys is an important organ of drug metabolism and excretion, kidney blood flow accounts for about 25% of cardiac output, when the blood of renal toxic substances, the kidney is extremely vulnerable. Common causes of kidney damage are gentamicin, ampicillin, ciprofloxacin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Drug damage, although more common, but easy to be ignored by both doctors and patients.

4. Primary glomerulonephritis: primary glomerulonephritis is mostly immune-mediated inflammation, only a small number of chronic nephritis is caused by the development of acute nephritis. The exact cause of the vast majority of chronic nephritis is not clear, the onset is chronic.

5. polycystic kidney: polycystic kidney disease for congenital disease, mostly bilateral, with the congenital multi-capsule liver coexist. The patient's parenchyma consists of numerous cysts of varying sizes, and as time progresses, the cysts are gradually increasing, oppressing the kidneys to shrink it, and finally the kidney is replaced by cysts, and the patient is killed by chronic renal failure.

Renal failure after the onset of what disease will cause the disease? Renal failure rehabilitation experts, patients with renal failure disease must have a correct understanding of the body when the problem can be positive and timely to the regular hospital examination and treatment, Renal failure disease to patients with great harm, should learn health care in life....

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