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How to treat renal failure with traditional Chinese medicine

2017-06-02 09:11

How to treat renal failure with traditional Chinese medicine?Do you still think that kidney and kidney transplantation is the only way to treat kidney failure? Today, micro-traditional Chinese medicine has been recognized around the world, many patients will choose this therapy. There are many patients who want to know how to treat kidney failure with traditional Chinese medicine.

Renal failure is a disease of continual deterioration, we must take timely and effective treatment.

How to treat renal failure with traditional Chinese medicine?

Osmotherapy of Micro-traditional Chinese medicine is a combination of advanced medicine herbal therapy

The main material of this treatment is refined into powder and then collected into two packs. Then, the patient need to do is lie down on two medicine bags with their waist area. By connecting the osmotic machine and two medicine bags, the effective substance herbs can come out and then penetrate directly into the kidney through the skin.

After years of clinical practice, micro-Chinese medicine has shown its effect in the treatment of kidney disease.

First, by expanding the blood vessels, to promote blood circulation, your blood pressure will become gradually normal, and then ischemia and hypoxia can ease the blood vessels. In addition to these, some substances can appear in your urine.

Secondly. With the improvement of renal function, patients will have a better appetite. Symptoms of nausea and vomiting can naturally be alleviated.

Third, proteinuria and hematuria symptoms will disappear with repair of kidney cells and tissues.


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