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How does kidney failure diet?

2017-06-01 11:36

How does kidney failure diet?
1, high-protein diet to increase kidney exclusion of waste, increase the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, patients with renal failure, to limit the protein intake. Proteins are available for high protein foods such as milk, oval, and meat, containing essential amino acids to supply the body's needs. While the plant protein is very small.

2, the calculation of heat is very important, the deployment of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, can increase carbohydrates to maintain the heat required, while reducing the protein intake. Fat is considered to eat a single unsaturated fatty acids and more food, such as vegetable oil.

3, limit the intake of water, salt, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Cause edema.

4, if the kidneys continue to deteriorate, but also pay attention to the accumulation of potassium in the body, severe cases will affect the function of the heart, so too much potassium foods should be avoided. Such as bananas, dried fruits, beef, pork, sardines, soy sauce, lettuce, wheat and so on.

5, can eat more magnesium-containing foods, such as dark green vegetables, chocolate and so on.

6, to avoid taking antacids and magnesium salts containing laxatives.

How does kidney failure cure? Understand the mastery of kidney failure diet treatment points, from all aspects of comprehensive nursed back to health, diet with the treatment to produce the best therapeutic effect.

Renal failure how to diet treatment, calcium and phosphorus concentrations on ARF and CRF identification does not help.

(8) Anemia is one of the clinical manifestations of CRF, has been included in the textbook, as ARF and CRF identification points, 100 cases of ARF and CRF patients with anemia detection rate and severity of no significant difference. In addition, hemolytic uremic syndrome caused by ARF can be severe anemia, ARF acute expansion can lead to mild to moderate anemia. Acute interstitial nephritis acute nephritis due to decline in erythropoietin can also be expressed as anemia. Therefore, the use of anemia as an indicator of ARF and CRF is not reliable.

Experts advise: renal failure patients can be combined with the method of Western-style treatment, in our hospital unique micro-infiltration of traditional Chinese medicine based on the treatment of Western medicine with adjuvant therapy, can fundamentally repair damaged kidney cells, from the fundamental Improve renal filtration function, the treatment effect is ideal!

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