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Natural Chinese medicine therapy can treat renal failure

2017-06-01 10:11

Natural Chinese Medicine Therapy Can Treat Renal Failure. More and more kidney failure patients are looking for some natural therapies to help treat the disease because they can not find a suitable treatment at a local hospital. Most patients are interested in Chinese medicine. Now let us tell you some natural Chinese medicine therapy for functional failure.

What is the function of Chinese medicine?

Early and middle stages of renal failure patients, Chinese medicine has a great advantage, it can repair kidney damage, improve renal function and glomerular filtration rate, and through the expansion of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, for the damaged kidney to provide nutrition and Oxygen, to regulate the human kidney internal environment. Chinese medicine can help patients with nephropathy to protect and save further damage to the glomeruli, can slow down the process of renal failure and achieve satisfactory results.

After a period of treatment, the clinical symptoms of patients with renal failure will soon disappear, such as vomiting, nausea, itching, fatigue, muscle spasms and headaches. As long as the kidney function is restored, the kidneys can discharge toxins and excess waste with the urine, the patient's urine will become turbid, urine output increased. More importantly, urea nitrogen, creatinine and potassium and other harmful indicators will naturally disappear. Although you have been on dialysis, you can also reduce the frequency of dialysis even gradually get rid of dialysis.

Chinese medicine treatment:

In the tongshantang hospital, there are many natural therapies have been approved, and widely used in foreign patients. These treatments include Osmotherapy of Micro-traditional Chinese medicine, medicated bath, foot bath, acupuncture, etc. patients do not need to worry about their side effects, because they are all from nature.

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