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How to Properly Use Drugs for Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrom

2017-05-31 10:31

How to Properly Use Drugs for Treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome.I believe we all know that nephrotic syndrome is a short-term difficult to recover the disease, the disease is very complex, and the cure is very difficult, so we need long-term medication control, then the patient how to correctly use drugs to treat nephrotic syndrome? Experts said, Nephrotic syndrome patients, the first need on time, according to the amount of medication, and then follow the doctor's advice, must not be added or mixed with drugs, so not only easily lead to drug conflicts, resulting in side effects, but also may lead to difficult to control the disease, resulting in Adverse consequences, so we need to carefully medication.

So what do you need to pay attention to medication for nephrotic syndrome?

First of all, patients with nephrotic syndrome usually do not arbitrarily withdrawal

Many patients with nephrotic syndrome will have such a favorite, that is, random withdrawal. It is easy to cause the inherent secretion of hormones will decline, suddenly disabled, the body needs the hormone is not enough, it will cause the adrenal crisis, life-threatening, it can not be taken chaos, can not be disabled, must be in the doctor's guidance Service or stop As the treatment of kidney disease is more difficult, no matter what kind of drugs, have varying degrees of side effects, and the need to adjust the dose according to the disease and treatment, or the disease will be repeated attacks, increasing the damage to the kidneys, and finally out of control, So it is recommended that patients must follow the doctor's advice, and regularly check, so as to facilitate the doctor to adjust the size of the dose.

Second, the drug treatment of nephrotic syndrome can not be mixed

Nephrotic syndrome patients can not indiscriminate use of drugs, such as taking Western medicine at the same time, many patients have heard that some Chinese medicine can cure nephrotic syndrome, and self-taking Chinese medicine nephritis Shu, nephritis rehabilitation tablets, but also taking some Chinese herbal medicine, so easy Resulting in drug conflict between each other, resulting in adverse reactions, increased toxicity, decreased efficacy, side effects increased, thus increasing the complexity of the disease, the severity of the disease more difficult to control, so for the sake of the patient's health, Must be reasonable medication.

Finally, the input albumin is not the better

Actually losing albumin is a waste. Intravenous albumin, 1 to 2 days will be discharged from the urine through the kidneys, can only maintain a short effect. Enter the albumin, only for two cases: ① nephrotic syndrome patients with severe systemic edema, and intravenous furosemide can not achieve diuretic swelling effect; ② use furosemide diuretic, the patient appears insufficient performance of plasma capacity.

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