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Renal insufficiency in patients with diet need to pay attent

2017-05-31 10:24

With the rapid growth of the elderly population, renal insufficiency patients gradually increased, renal insufficiency patients should pay attention to observe the changes in the body, such as edema, hypertension, fever and other symptoms should do blood, urine analysis, urine bacterial culture and counting , Renal function determination, for the treatment of kidney disease and provide a basis for prognosis. Renal insufficiency in patients with high calorie, high quality low protein, low phosphorus diet with essential amino acids, appropriate vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Dietary Considerations for Patients with Renal Insufficiency

1, how to limit the intake of kidney cancer patients

No matter what kind of kidney disease, as long as there is swelling, it must limit salt intake. Swollen obvious, should be limited to 1 g per day, serious and even require a saltless diet. To be urinary protein or urine to reduce the amount of foam, edema, reduce the amount of salt can be appropriately increased, but also should not exceed 5 grams per day. The purpose of low-salt diet is to reduce the body of water, sodium retention, so that swelling subsided and decreased blood pressure.

Daily 1 to 2 grams of salt (trumpet toothpaste cover is full when about 1 grams), do not have to put in the dish, because the food is also basically tasteless, to change the food law. Morning can be dessert; noon will be 1 gram of salt on a small dish, dipped in food with food. In this way, the total intake of 1 day unchanged, but can taste the salty, can stimulate appetite. But also to be careful, low-salt diet, can not eat pickles, pickles, mustard, salted bread, fried dough sticks, etc., can not eat seaweed, rape, spinach, fennel, celery, lily, radish and so on. Because these foods have a higher sodium content per hectare. These foods eat more, it is equal to increase the amount of salt.

2, how to ingest kidney disease patients fruits and vegetables

Kidney patients, swollen urine less melon, watermelon, gourd can help urination, red bean soup, black bean soup, mung bean soup, put sugar to drink, heat helps urinate. Honey, bananas, raw pears, radish, walnut meat, black sesame, can laxative general urine normal urine and renal failure, should eat vegetables, vegetables, to provide adequate vitamins. Such as the patient urine changes, especially the daily drawbacks of 500 ml, will have to selectively eat fruits and vegetables. Because fruits and vegetables in the general potassium is rich, and nephrotic patients, serum potassium levels were increased. Hyperkalemia, can lead to cardiac arrest, life-threatening.

Fruits and vegetables, cereals are rich in potassium foods, including high potassium vegetables are watermelon, banana, pineapple, mango, jujube, melon, etc .; vegetables containing high potassium amaranth, spinach, celery, carrots, Bamboo shoots, potatoes and so on. Kidney patients in the oliguria stage should be less consumption, if used to help urinary agents, blood potassium is low, you can eat more, especially fresh fruit juice rich in potassium, can be used as oral potassium.

Treatment of renal insufficiency remedies

Recipe a: to blood circulation, dampness and turbidity as the standard, the prescription of the main prescriptions are Salvia, Achyranthes, Motherwort, Agastache, Perrin, Pinellia, Passepartout, Plantago, talc, rhubarb, licorice Pills, addiction, addiction, addiction, addiction, addiction, ; Hematuria plus Puhuang, Platycladus orientalis, Rhizoma Imperatae; accompanied by stones plus money grass, sea ginseng, chicken gold; urine culture positive plus Hedyotis diffusa, dandelion, ground and forsythia; tongue dark stasis Spot can be given compound Danshen injection or Mailuoning injection 20ml, add 5% glucose solution 250ml, 1 day intravenous drip.

Recipe two: the use of blood circulation, dampness and turbidity-based method, in the treatment of renal insufficiency, it can play a conditioning gas machine, the role of venting Yangming. Danshen, Achyranthes, Motherwort down to blood stasis; Agastache rugosa, Perrin aroma of turbid, spleen wake up, to avoid drowning and stomach satisfied sluggish; the other side in the Pinellia vomiting, plantago, Passepartout, talc Can be wet and water, rhubarb Tongli, licorice to reconcile the various drugs, played a total of the effect of blood stasis. With intravenous drip compound Danshen injection or Mailuoning injection, then increase the intensity of the stasis.

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