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Can Kidney failure stage 3 patients avoid kidney dialysis?

2017-05-31 09:30

Kidney failure stage 3 has been considered a critical stage of kidney disease, and most patients suffer from a variety of symptoms of poisoning in progress to stage 3 renal failure. Although dialysis is beneficial to the patient, it often causes the patient to experience various adverse reactions. Therefore, patients want to know in the third stage of renal failure is there a way to avoid dialysis?

Although type 3 renal failure often causes patients to suffer from various symptoms of poisoning, this does not mean that dialysis is the only way to help them relieve these symptoms. When you are dialysis, your urine volume becomes less and less, which means less and less kidneys function.

Fortunately, there are other ways in China to help patients with kidney failure get rid of dialysis. In addition, many experts in tongshantang hospital has developed a number of natural treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine, including detoxification treatment, micro-traditional Chinese medicine treatment, medicine bath, foot bath.

Renal failure stage 3 is said that renal function has moderate decline, which leads to waste products and toxic substances accumulated in the blood. The waste products deposited in the blood can not only further damage the kidney function, but also affect the efficiency of kidney treatment drugs. Therefore, before the treatment of kidney disease, various toxins and waste products should be completely excluded from the body. Then, serum detoxification therapy is often used to completely eliminate all kinds of waste products from the body. In addition, the use of natural treatment to repair the diseased kidney. These natural therapies use natural herbs to dilate blood vessels, eliminate blood stasis, promote blood circulation and reproduce blood hypoxic ischemia. In order to improve efficiency, herbs are refined into powder. Through these treatments, urine volume gradually increases, and then your kidney function will increase. Improvement of renal function can avoid dialysis.


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