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Give patients more choices of kidney failure treatment witho

2017-05-31 09:28

Give patients more choices of kidney failure treatment without dialysis. Dialysis is usually used to relieve symptoms of renal failure, but usually, the patient does not want to start dialysis because it makes the patients suffer more of its side effects. Now, more and more people want to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat renal failure. Please contact our online doctor to know more details.

When the patient suffers from kidney failure, they will have a lot of damaged cells in their body

In the case of kidney failure, when there are damaged cells and tissues in your body, even dead cells, there are many waste products and toxins that will accumulate in the blood. In addition, waste products and toxic substances can not be excreted by damaged kidneys, as a result, a large number of toxins and waste products accumulate in your blood, resulting in high creatinine levels. Moreover, the patient is more likely to suffer from various symptoms and complications.

Dialysis is merely an alternative therapy to replace kidney work to eliminate all kinds of toxic symptoms but can not achieve the function of repairing diseased cells and tissues. In addition, patients are more likely to experience various adverse reactions, which is why patients do not want to improve renal function through dialysis.

In China, tongshantang hospital kidney Disease hospital provides for patients with a variety of natural treatment to help patients improve renal function, including drug treatment, micro-Chinese medicine treatment, medicine bath, heat treatment, stem cell therapy.

The principle of my hospital treatment of nephropathy is to eliminate all kinds of toxins and waste products first, because the deposition of toxins and waste products not only cause further damage to kidney cells and tissues, but also affect the efficiency of the treatment of kidney, so clear serum detoxification therapy can completely clean out toxins in vitro. Then, the application of other natural treatment to restore renal function. Although natural therapy can benefit a lot of patients, but can not make dead cells and tissues live again. By that time, damaged cells and tissues will die if there is no effective and timely treatment, so stem cell therapy is used to regenerate the cells.


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