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What drugs can effectively treat kidney failure?

2017-05-28 10:34

What drugs can be effective in the treatment of renal failure? Renal failure in order to achieve good therapeutic effect, the choice of the drug is also very important, in order to allow everyone to understand some of the following we invited experts to explain to you The

1, what drug treatment of renal failure? This period of application of Chinese medicine better conditioning. Recovery period patients are basically belong to the deficiency, to use pill-based, such as partial blood deficiency, with Bazhen pills; partial yin deficiency, with Jinkui Shenqi pills or large dodder tablets pills; With Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zhibai Dihuang Wan or river car big pills.

2, try to avoid all the harmful factors on the kidney, such as pregnancy, surgery, trauma and harmful drugs on the kidneys.

3, the treatment of renal failure to strengthen nutrition, enhance physical fitness, appropriate exercise, to promote early rehabilitation.

4, regular follow-up. Such as renal irreversible damage, to chronic renal failure, according to chronic renal failure treatment.

Through the details of the above experts, do not know what medicine for the treatment of renal failure whether to understand it? Hope that the experts can make everyone get a good treatment, if you think the above is not detailed enough, you can continue to understand more More effective prevention and treatment of renal failure content

please leave a message if you have questions,experts will reply to you soon,and help you relieve the pain.
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