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Kidney failure diet to pay attention to some of the things

2017-05-27 10:33

Kidney failure diet to pay attention to some of the things. Renal failure referred to as CKF, it is the assessment of renal function, there are broad and narrow two aspects of the concept. Then kidney disease diet care to pay attention to what? Here to introduce to you, kidney failure diet care some of the matters needing attention. It is good to know what to do.

Kidney failure diet to pay attention to some of the things

First, low-protein diet to high-quality protein-based: First, wheat starch is often used as the main source of heat. Corn starch can also be used to replace rice and flour. Second, can also be used with high calorie, low protein food as the main source of heat, such as potatoes, yam, taro, sweet potatoes, lotus root, pumpkin, fans, water chestnuts, lotus root starch, water chestnut powder, water chestnut powder. Food containing non-essential amino acids should be limited to food, such as dry beans, soy products, hard fruit and cereals.

Second, to maintain the balance of water in patients with chronic renal failure in the water balance is very important. Must be under the guidance of the doctor, the liquid supplement, to prevent excessive water intake, to discharge obstacles, and increase the swelling.

Third, the supply of high calcium and low phosphorus diet in some patients with chronic renal failure, may have increased blood phosphorus and blood calcium decline, and therefore induced osteoporosis. The ideal diet should increase the calcium content to reduce the phosphorus content. Calcium-rich foods are milk, green leafy vegetables, sesame and so on. Cooking fish and lean meat, boiled with fish out, and then stir, can reduce the fish, meat, phosphorus content.

Fourth, low salt and low sodium chronic renal failure with hypertension and edema of patients, to limit the sodium and sodium-rich foods, if necessary, with salt-free diet. When using diuretics or accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, should not limit sodium salt.

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