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What are the nursing measures for chronic renal failure?

2017-05-25 15:16

What are the nursing measures for chronic renal failure?

Strengthen skin care: strengthen skin care, wash the skin with warm water every day, avoid using irritating detergent, such as soap, washing powder and so on. Prohibit the use of hand scratching the skin, to avoid scratching the skin caused by infection.

Keep mouth clean: suffer from chronic kidney failure, should pay attention to keep mouth clean, before and after meals with tea mouthwash, reduce oral odor. Brush your teeth sooner or later, and use a soft brush to prevent gum bleeding.

The living room should be kept clean: the living rooms of the patients with chronic renal failure should be kept clean, the air should be fresh, and ventilation should be ventilated every day to avoid convection. Keep warm and keep cold away.

Keep your bowels clear: keep your bowels clear and prevent constipation. Increase fiber intake during the meal, if necessary, the doctor with a laxative.

Moderate amount of exercise: in order to better protect the remaining kidney function, patients with chronic renal failure can not participate in strenuous exercise, but do not absolute bed rest, moderate exercise.


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