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Side effects of hormones in chronic renal failure (chronic renal failure)

2017-05-17 16:17

Side effects of hormones in chronic renal failure (chronic renal failure). Hormones are widely used in the treatment of chronic renal failure (chronic renal failure). As a rule, they will give great results in relieve the symptoms and discomforts, that is, with the help of different hormones, the discomforts and symptoms in patients with kidney disease are significantly weakened. Some hormones, such as prednisone, glucocorticoids, dexamethasone, etc., can weaken clinical symptoms like proteinuria, edema, high blood pressure, infections, imbalance of water and electrolytes.

Hormones can relieve pain and discomfort in the short-term course, but patients depend on hormones, and without them, the long-term hormone intake brings many side effects.

1, Long-term hormone intake increases weight.

2, Hormones can lead to osteoporosis and necrosis of the head of the femur.

3, Hormones can worsen immunity and cause various discomforts and problems, for example, increased blood sugars, corticosteroid syndrome, peptic ulcer disease, electrolyte breakdown and reduced resistance to disease.

4, For child with kidney disease, hormones will delay physical and mental development, so more attention should be paid before using hormones for children.

Moreover, hormones are not able to solve the problems from the root, and therefore the symptoms and discomforts arise again. The more relapse, the harder it is to heal. And so you need to remove attention to taking hormones.

Patients should not only rely on hormones, herbs can help alleviate the side effects of hormones, repair kidney damage and improve kidney function. Moreover, herbal remedies have almost no side effects and long-term effects, and therefore herbs are more suitable for children and elderly patients.

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