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I feel paralysis of my muscles because of kidney failure

2017-05-17 08:36

I feel paralysis of my muscles because of kidney failure. Q: Recently, I have been diagnosed with kidney failure, and now I have muscle paralysis sometimes. My muscle paralysis brings great inconvenience to my personal life, so I'm at a loss and feel urgent to know the answer to this question "can muscle paralysis and kidney failure occur at the same time." And is there a good method for treating muscle paralysis?

Answer: For your question, I would like to give you a detailed explanation. For the initial question, the answer is "probably." It is known to everyone that the kidneys have the function of regulating the electrolyte and keeping it in balance. However, due to renal failure, the kidneys may not support electrolyte balance. The imbalance of electrolytes in the body can lead to many adverse consequences for patients. For example, a potassium disorder is very common in kidney failure, and a low potassium concentration in the blood can cause muscle paralysis easily. However, you should be aware that not all paralysis is induced by renal failure. Paralysis is also often caused by damage to the nervous system, especially the spinal cord. Stroke, injuries with nerve damage, multiple sclerosis and so may be the causes.

Muscle paralysis can be accompanied by renal failure. In this case, you’d better have a timely and effective treatment. In addition to diet therapy, Chinese medicine therapy is recommended for you.

Hot compress therapy

Hot compress therapy has a beneficial effect on renal failure. It makes full use of the beneficial ingredients of Chinese medicine to help the kidneys prevent inflammation, dilate the blood vessels, promote blood circulation and repair kidney damage, thereby achieving the goal of restoring kidney function. Moreover, these medication supplement were taken on the surface of the skin instead of oral swallow. Thanks to this therapy, the kidney can make the electrolyte in balance, and muscle paralysis can also be alleviated gradually.


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