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Why is my mother sleepless after dialysis?

2017-05-15 16:46

Why is my mother sleepless after dialysis? The lack of sleep means that people can not fall asleep or will not be able to sleep, causing sleep insufficiency. This condition can be for various reasons, and this is a common disease in our daily life. So why patients after dialysis get this symptom? What should they do to alleviate this situation?

Renal dialysis is an advanced replacement therapy that can replace the damaged kidneys of patients to remove too much water, toxin, metabolite and waste in their blood. Thus, it is possible to keep the system systems in balance and sustain the lives of patients.

As a form of substitution therapy, it can monitor and alleviate the patient's morbid state to some extent. When patients diagnosis with CRF (terminal stage of kidney failure) or if necessary, the doctor can advise patients to take dialysis or even a kidney transplant to save their life. However, the bad condition is that dialysis can not be related to your kidney damage. In addition, even worse, renal dialysis can worsen a patient's medical condition or promote an exacerbation of kidney disease. Some severe symptoms and complications can be caused by dialysis. Such as anemia, heart failure, sleepless and so on.

Long-term dialysis can cause depression and anxiety, which can affect patients to sleep quality and cause insomnia. In addition, then a terrible kidney disease can worsen patients feeling helpless. In addition, dialysis can also cause insomnia directly. And patients of unhealthy lifestyle habits will exacerbate this symptom.

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) recommends that patients try some conservative treatment to protect their remaining kidney function. Micro-Chinese osmotherapy medicine can be more useful for your painful condition. Compared with dialysis, it can correct kidney damage in principle and improve the quality of life of patients.

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