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How to prevent proteinuria from causing renal failure?

2017-05-12 16:42

How to prevent proteinuria leading to renal failure? Frankly, if the urine protein does not have good control will lead to renal failure. In addition, it can also cause swelling, fever, low resistance, metabolic disorders, and some other complications. For patients with kidney disease, you need to take timely treatment measures to control this symptom.


How to prevent proteinuria from causing renal failure?


In fact, the main cause of proteinuria is kidney damage, so if the patient can restore kidney damage, they will prevent their disease from entering the kidney failure.


Chinese medicine micro-penetration therapy as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine innovation, for the treatment of kidney disease is very effective, especially in the early stages. Therefore, for proteinuria patients, if you can get this drug in time, you can prevent proteinuria leading to renal failure.


Why is Chinese medicine micro-infiltration therapy can prevent renal failure?


This process has four main functions, which are anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombosis, anticoagulation and increased blood vessels. These four functions, which can promote blood circulation, protect kidney function from further damage, thereby restoring damaged kidneys. Kidney damage repair protein exudation and other symptoms, which may lead to renal failure disappeared, which can prevent renal failure.


From the above we can know that proteinuria can lead to renal failure, but if the patient can accept the Chinese medicine micro-infiltration therapy time can prevent kidney failure.

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