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Drinking too much water is one of the symptoms of kidney fai

2017-05-07 18:57

The role of the kidney of a person is much, I believe many of my friends know. Whether male or female, old or young, kidney health should pay attention to timely follow-up. Especially the children, if you drink too much, but also chronic renal failure.

Experts point out that if children often drink too much water or drink too much in their daily lives, be careful of the occurrence of chronic renal failure in children

How is this going? Experts say children drinking too much water is one of the symptoms of chronic renal failure in children. Of course, this is just a single performance, because other diseases can also cause children drinking too much water, such as diabetes, allergic purpura. But if that child drinking water are not the same as usual, abnormal excessive drinking. Should be timely to the hospital for urine test and ultrasound examination, to see what is the cause. Once the children suffering from chronic renal failure in children, so too much water will increase the burden on the kidneys, thus aggravating the condition.

Experts said that to prevent children with renal failure, early diagnosis is very important. For example, a urine test can be found hidden early kidney disease. Parents can also in daily life, pay more attention to the signal of nephropathy:

Too much or too little urine: under normal circumstances, the amount of urine for infants and young children is 400~600 ml, 600~800 ml of preschool children, school-age children for 800~1400 ml, urine volume increased, reduced kidney disease may be issued a dangerous signal

Abnormal urine: if found in the urine protein, urine routine examination of red blood cells, white blood cells, urine and so on, should be further examination.

Also need to pay attention to, is characterized by swelling of the kidney disease of the eyelids or facial edema, afternoon and more subsided, tired after the increase, rest after minus

In life, when children have drinking water appeared more, and the body associated with swelling, weakness and other symptoms. Parents should be the first time in the generation of the child to the hospital to check to see if there is chronic renal failure and timely treatment. Let the child's life is not a serious threat.


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