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what is the causes of kidney failure in humans?

2017-04-26 16:31

What is the cause of kidney failure? I believe that many people are hated for this problem, in general, the main causes of renal failure are: toxic substances, immune response to drugs, and such as acute glomerulonephritis and other infections Or disease, can cause renal failure; sudden reduction in blood pressure during severe burns, severe bleeding (such as by pressing trauma), or sudden onset of heart disease, can lead to blood supply disorders, thus damaging the kidneys; the last reason is Urinary tract somewhere obstruction, so that the urine suddenly and completely blocked.

What is the cause of kidney failure?One : diet section

Diet section, including overeating, long-term hunger, partial eclipse, excessive drinking, etc., will damage the spleen and stomach, so that the destruction of Mizutani, metaplasia, angry blood function affected. If the spleen and stomach long-term damage, will lead to lack of blood source, the day after tomorrow to no congenital congenital, so the kidneys are also damaged; kidney injury is the waist house dystrophy, water gasification adverse, so see back pain, edema embolism; Wasting, eating is not subtle, anti-wet cloud. Wet dampness congestion triple burner, righteousness may not rise and fall, and see more than vomiting and urinate occlusion nowhere

What is the cause of kidney failure?Second: emotional injury

Long-term emotional discomfort, worry about anger, liver failure catharsis, liver qi stagnation, triple qi machine sluggish, a cross and the spleen and the spleen, liver and spleen and not, spleen lost health, water and water; Machine block, blood run adverse, can occur qi stagnation, or liver depression for a long time, Yu and the fire, anger burns kidney yin, leading to liver and kidney.

What is the cause of kidney failure?Third: exogenous invasion

Kidney disease for a long time, organs function decline, qi and blood yin and yang deficiency, Wei outside the weak, vulnerable to evil invasion. Or for the wind evil injury, lungs do not propaganda, governance section of dereliction of duty, can not pass through the waterway, under the transfusion of bladder, triple burner adverse, wet turbidity block, injury to the spleen; or factors in the lack of Yang, cold air Intestinal, cold stroke in the knot in the coke, so that the stomach loss and down, stomach upside down, inhibit the small intestine, can not distinguish between vomiting; or due to phlegm Sheng Sheng, evil into the heat, dampness, phlegm , Obstruction of the lungs caused by asthma can not lie; or because of the residence of wet, wading rain, wet intrusion, blocking the coke, spleen lost health movement, lack of blood source, Spleen and kidney, spleen and kidney yang, water wet turbidity can not be transported, blocking the gas machine allergy.

What is the cause of kidney failure?Four: misrepresentation

Such as in the original disease treatment, the governance should not be, prolonged for a long time; or recklessly bitter cold injury in the product, spleen lost health transport, spleen yang weak, hurt kidney yang; or reckless, Kidney or kidney loss, and further lead to lack of qi and yin; or only pay attention to the treatment of renal disease, while ignoring the kidney conditioning, causing kidney damage; or poisonous drugs hurt the spleen and kidney, resulting in spleen lost health, Chemical, moisture block, cloud poison endogenous. As the yin and yang each other, spleen and kidney qi deficiency or spleen and kidney yang must be sun loss and yin, the formation of Qi and Yin Deficiency or yin and yang deficiency situation.

Cause the cause of kidney failure of the five: overwork

Long-term heavy physical labor, fatigue, excessive damage to the spleen and kidney; too much alcohol, early marriage and more education, kidney damage, kidney deficiency, life door fire failure, the fire is not warm soil, spleen and kidney deficiency. Spleen is vomiting do not eat, kidney can not gas line water, wet turbidity diffuse, spread to his dirty, the last five organs are defeated.

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