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What are the symptoms of kidney failure? How to treat renal

2017-04-21 15:29

Because many people are not very clear for the symptoms of renal failure, so that failed to seize the timing of treatment when it in the event of mild symptoms, but for relative high risk factor of kidney failure,especially in the presence of memory loss , And there is a serious phenomenon of nausea and vomiting, should go to the hospital as soon as possible, then,what are the dangers of kidney failure?

what are the dangers of kidney disease?

First, Almost all patients have a certain degree of harm caused by kidney failure, then what is it? Renal failure on patients, including patients with heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney and bone and skin are affected. The harm of this kidney failure is the experience of patients, pay attention to timely treatment, reduce injury.

Second, the risk of renal failure also includes the damage of patient's digestive system, then the patient's digestive system which patients will appear loss of appetite, abdominal discomfort and nausea, vomiting and some symptoms of renal failure, but also the patient's nervous system have a certain impact, the patient will appear depressed, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss and numbness of the limbs numbness and coma symptoms; patients will appear high blood pressure, heart failure and other heart diseases.

Third, renal failure can also cause harm to the patient's psychological, long-term treatment of renal failure is not very good, it is easy to give patients a psychological burden, long-term negative only will aggravate the patient's condition. Therefore, patients should be aware of this, and actively adjust their own mentality, and actively cooperate with the treatment.

what is the treatment for renal failure?

Western medicine commonly used hormones, immunosuppressive agents to anti-inflammatory and inhibit immunity, reduce the generation of pathogenic immune complexes, eliminate the inflammatory response, thereby relieving kidney damage. But once the withdrawal, it will immediately appear repeated, the disease will be more and more heavy.


The development of chronic kidney disease to kidney renal failure treat is a long process, in this process many patients seek medical advice has been removed a number of hospitals, for chronic kidney disease and kidney failure has a certain degree of understanding. We all know that the development of chronic kidney disease to the stage of renal failure has been difficult to completely cured. To suffer from pain and torture in patients with renal failure, to curb the development of the disease, to protect the kidney residual renal function, reduce blood creatinine concentration, to eliminate the pain caused by the complications to maintain stable disease does not continue to deteriorate, and will not develop to uremia The dialysis of the point, to the normal life is already their greatest wish. 

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