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What should pay attention to for renal failure after surgery?

2017-03-18 11:31

I was diagnosed with renal failure in a few years ago, treatment for several years, when take medicine, it can be controlled, but when the drug stopped the disease come back, the condition is always so repeatedly, just a few months ago, I take the renal failure surgery, good nursing effect after surgery. So to share with everyone.

1 Kidney failure after the operation may be to do some appropriate exercise, for example: can be held two plastic balls in the hands to do some simple movements, don't be too impatient, slowly to increase exercise intensity.

2 usual pay attention to personal hygiene. After kidney failure can use a mild soap to gently wipe the skin, there will be swelling, itching after surgery, do not hand to catch, so as not to infect.

3 to keep the surgical site clean and dry, must not touch the water, after one to two days, the gauze will be removed, then see if there is no residual blood, be sure to change the drug in a timely manner.


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