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Renal failure in the body of various system symptoms

2017-03-26 16:34

What are the symptoms of kidney failure?

1.  severe renal failure patients with nasal bleeding or gastrointestinal bleeding.

Renal failure symptoms

2 kidney failure cardiovascular system symptoms

The majority of patients with renal failure have high blood pressure, with the progress of the disease, blood pressure showed a progressive upward trend. Long term hypertension, urinary toxin accumulation, water, electrolysis

Stromal disorders, acid-base imbalance and severe anemia, can  lead to abnormal heart organ, complicated by myocarditis, pericarditis, pericardial effusion Yan Heavy disease.

3. renal failure hematopoietic system symptoms

The main symptoms of renal failure are anemia, in general hemoglobin determination  5-6g/dl.  Appear ecchymosis, nose bleeding, gingival bleeding, fundus spontaneous Sexual tendency.

4.  kidney failure neurological symptoms

Early symptoms of renal failure are headache, memory loss, lack of concentration, fatigue, a small number of people with decreased sexual function. Advanced drowsiness, consciousness fuzzy, muscle tremors, aches and pain. A serious disease of the nervous system, face stiff limbs, motionless, quarrel constantly out of a lot of saliva, and even convulsions convulsions and coma.

5. renal failure respiratory symptoms

Dry cough, nasal odor associated with pulmonary edema or dysfunction of heart failure, breathing more difficult, paroxysmal spasmodic cough, cough, white foam.

6.  renal failure symptoms of urinary system

In the early and middle stage of renal failure, there was a large amount of bubble like urine, and late night urine increased, and the proportion of urine was low, which was often fixed at about 1.010. At this time, not only kidney body .The volume is reduced, and the majority of the patient's urine volume begins to decrease gradually to no urine. Of course, the amount of urine increased from reduced to no urine, requires a process,1-2 years ranging.

7. renal failure acidosis symptoms

Renal function damage, the concentration of urine is poor, resulting in an increase in the amount of urine at night, can make the body in a semi dry state, in the removal of extreme thirst inability to walk. To the development of the disease to uremia, urine volume gradually began to decrease, causing the body organs, tissues of varying degrees of edema, accompanied by made of water and electrolyte disorders in moderate or severe hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, and other symptoms of poisoning.

In fact, the phenomenon of kidney failure occurs frequently in men, that is, the pressure of work for a long time is relatively large, physical and mental fatigue has a great relationship, so for the emergence of renal failure, we must be vigilant, so as not to harm the health of the disease.

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