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How to multiple myeloma patients with renal failure, nursed

2017-03-05 14:06

How to multiple myeloma patients with renal failure, recuperate? Multiple myeloma renal failure is dangerous and serious diseases, the patients suffered a lot of negative

Take care of your body and mind, to avoid the harm of the disease, we must correctly understand the disease, in particular, to know that multiple myeloma

After how patients nursed back to health, so as to avoid the occurrence of disease.

How to multiple myeloma patients with renal failure treatment:

1, the diet should be light, can inhibit the hyperplasia of bone marrow with food, such as kelp, seaweed, seaweed, sea clams, almond. Symptomatic selection of anti thrombosis, fill

Blood, strong bones and reduce food such as walnuts, splenomegaly, plums, clams, fish, the leek, hawthorn, jellyfish, tortoise shell, turtle meat, walnut, broken. crab

, shrimp, pork liver, honey, sesame, peanut, turtle loach, eel. Abnegate eat Feiganhouwei, alcohol, cold, spicy products.

2, multiple myeloma belongs to hematologic malignancies, the typical symptom is pain, pain is often the beginning of relatively light and intermittent and wandering,

Advanced pain. A diagnosis of multiple myeloma patients, suggest that inhibition of bone marrow hyperplasia eat more food, such as kelp, seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida


3, can be appropriate to drink milk. Should have a low salt diet, including kidney damage. If accompanied by Vera polycythemia and essential thrombocythemia when,

Should add peanut, grape and other foods to increase coagulation function. But avoid excessive, appropriate drinking can be.

4, myeloma patients diet should grasp the following standards: high calorie, high protein, rich in vitamins, easy to digest, diet as light as possible, kelp, seaweed

May be appropriate to eat wakame.

5, if the patient is accompanied by anemia, splenomegaly, fractures and other symptoms, should eat seaweed, leek, hawthorn, jellyfish, turtle meat, walnut, crab, shrimp,

Liver, sesame, eel and other food.

6, renal function damage, should have a low salt diet; true cell disease and essential thrombocythemia patients increased, should eat peanuts, grapes and other food


How to multiple myeloma patients with renal failure, recuperate? These aspects is the analysis given by experts, hope to get everyone's attention and concern, of course, multiple bone

Myeloma kidney failure and serious harm, want to get rid of the disease harm, how to grasp the people in multiple myeloma patients with renal failure of treatment

After that, it should also actively consult the relevant experts advice.


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