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What is the misunderstanding of chronic renal failure dietar

2017-03-22 10:11

There are many reasons for chronic renal failure, the development stage of the disease is also more, the course of disease in each stage has different performance at each stage, therefore, at different stages of the need to pay attention to different. Special diet, need to pay attention to more. Take food as an example. So, diet in chronic renal failure misunderstanding what?

Chronic renal failure patients dietary should eat food containing essential amino acids of high animal protein, such as milk, egg, fish, should be appropriate to control the intake of plant protein, we should plant proteins such as Soybean Milk and tofu, beans and bean products. However, protein intake should be controlled, the daily intake of protein intake should be controlled, the daily intake of protein can be estimated according to their own blood creatinine level. In short, patients with chronic renal failure must be clear, high quality low protein diet does not mean vegetarian, vegetarian and can not reduce the burden on the kidneys.

chronic renal failure dietary

Two, do not eat salt water

Edema is a common symptom of kidney disease, but also the most susceptible to changes in the patient. As we all know water, salt and edema is directly related to so many patients to eat salt water special attention, resulting in "fear of salt", "water" mentality, do not even eat salt, counterproductive. Limited salt water is necessary for chronic renal failure patients of  with hypertension, edema and oliguria dietary , so as to avoid excessive sodium retention, edema and hypertension. But not all patients should limit water and salt. If there is no hypertension, edema and oliguria, should not limit the intake of water and salt. Even if there are symptoms of edema and oliguria, should also take a low salt diet, appropriate control of water intake. Therefore, patients with chronic renal failure strict control of water, salt intake, depending on the specific circumstances of the doctor. The fear of excessive salt, water is not necessary.

Three, drink bone soup can be calcium and physical

Bone soup contains more phosphorus, phosphorus accumulation in the body after eating, will increase hyperphosphatemia. Practice has proved that not only can not improve the bone soup to drink calcium deficiency, but also due to elevated serum phosphorus and accelerate renal damage. While the low phosphorus diet can delay the renal function caused by hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, secondary kidney pain, so in patients with chronic renal failure due to low phosphorus diet.

Four, hunger therapy can protect renal function in patients with chronic renal failure

Experts pointed out that many patients with chronic renal failure in the hospital to have severe malnutrition, the reason mainly has two aspects: one is because the control diet, because most patients with chronic renal failure are the daily staple food control in the 250~300g, so that the rice, flour and other staple food and animal protein is too limited, which patients with poor nutrition; on the other hand is part of the patients with chronic renal failure as hunger therapy to reduce the burden on the kidney taken, which aggravates the malnutrition, resulting in decreased body resistance and hypoproteinemia, and easy to infection, aggravating illness, resulting in deterioration of renal function.

Through the above introduction, we can see that the diet for the treatment of renal failure is very important, the patient must always regulate their diet, diet must not be blind, can not enter the above introduction of the dietary errors. To a reasonable, scientific diet, a healthy chronic renal failure diet plan.

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