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How scientific treatment of renal failure patients?

2017-02-27 14:00

Renal failure disease, we are not unfamiliar. Many people suffering from kidney failure after the disease, often uncomfortable, prone to vomiting. Many patients with renal failure in the clinic because of their toxins in the body can not be discharged in time, resulting in many injuries occur. Today we are going to look at the treatment of patients with renal failure.

Patients with renal failure can often do bath fumigation

Clinical often encounter some patients with renal failure, their condition has not reached the point of non dialysis, but because the body of toxins can not be ruled out, resulting in increased disease. Our hospital in the past oral medicine decoction enema therapy on the basis of cooperation, the Chinese medicine steam fumigation therapy, namely bath method, the more than and 50 cases of patients with chronic renal failure in a relaxed "skin dialysis" in different degree reduced disease severity.

Over 40 ms. Zhou, 9 years ago suffering from pyelonephritis, due to nausea and vomiting, edema, skin itching and other symptoms, renal medicine hospital, was diagnosed with uremia after hospitalization. In the oral prescription of traditional Chinese medicine "Detox reversal" at the same time, the "bath" fumigation treatment, two weeks after Ms. gradually eliminated the physical symptoms, increased serum creatinine and urea nitrogen were significantly improved. For one and a half months later, and after a period of recuperation, Ms. Zhou has to return to work.

"Steamed" bath with that feeling only one word "cool".

In addition to the head, the people lying in Chinese medicine steam devices closed, for 30 minutes in the fumigation bath. In the process of fumigation, can also chat with friends and family, can also close your eyes a nap, very comfortable. The next day, 10 days a course of treatment. At the end of each treatment, I feel relaxed, itching and irritability.

This "skin dialysis" treatment of the truth?

Experts explained that the human body by the size of the discharge of endotoxin, sweating, etc. as the main channel. Renal insufficiency patients due to partial renal lost from the urine detoxification function, and because patients with Yang while cold no sweat, sweat detoxification function is lost, and the precipitation of urea cream skin, make the patient unbearably itchy skin. Then the patient can only rely on diarrhea to achieve the purpose of detoxification, but long-term diarrhea will consume its already weak body, the patient is difficult to bear. For patients with renal insufficiency, consider the use of a general non replacement therapy that is difficult to work with. By righting, dispelling evil, blood stasis, purging turbid, Chinese herbal medicine prescription for patients with series of different syndromes of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, put into the pot, the hot steam fumigation, patients with systemic skin, the sweat, eliminate edema, accelerate blood stasis and toxin discharge and other pathological product, thereby reducing the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen and other toxic products, improve renal function and clinical symptoms, improve the immune capacity.

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