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Renal failure can eat what supplements

2017-03-19 10:24

Renal failure can eat what supplements

Renal failure in patients with this disease can eat  easily digestible light, and nutritious food. Patients should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet food, eat foods that rich in protein.


First, patients with renal failure in the diet should pay attention to ensure adequate heat, and should eat enough food rich in essential amino acids, which requires patients should eat more protein rich foods in the diet, you need to eat food for the egg, milk, meat and other foods, these foods and cooking methods on the selection of light method.

Renal failure can eat what supplements

Secondly, in patients with renal failure, the disease in the diet should adhere to high quality low protein diet, and food should be low phosphorus, low salt, high calorie, eat these foods helps to restore physical health and should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. 


Then renal failure to eat light food, avoid eating spicy spicy food, pepper, pepper, after pepper, curry, garlic bolt etc. spicy food to eat is easy to get angry, as well as five spice powder, aniseed, coriander and other Chinese toon.


The last is that patients can eat the food is really a lot, but should choose suitable methods of cooking, should use the method of cooking stew on cooking methods, avoid fried.

Fried, what method to use these methods to do barbecue, food is harmful to the body's digestion, of course, is not conducive to patients with kidney failure.


Patients should pay attention to eat more calories and eat enough to ensure adequate food rich in essential amino acids in the diet, which requires in the diet, eat more foods rich in protein, and the patient should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, food cooking methods should be light.


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