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Summary of symptoms of chronic renal failure

2017-02-16 16:52

Want a good control of chronic renal failure and chronic renal failure symptoms need to understand! Chinese medicine, chronic renal failure belongs to the "edema", "off the grid" and "Uroschesis", "pain", "consumptive disease" "kidney wind" etc.. What are the symptoms of chronic renal failure?:

Chronic renal failure and the clinical manifestations of digestive system with the stench of urine, anorexia, nausea and vomiting; nervous system fatigue, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, irritability, apathy, severe convulsions, coma and other cardiovascular system; left ventricular hypertrophy, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, myocarditis, pericarditis, visual impairment, hematopoietic system; anemia, bleeding tendency; deep breathing respiratory metabolic acidosis, there may be a sign of pleurisy; skin itching with pigmentation, disorder of water and electrolyte balance.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chronic renal failure due to weak element endowment, or due to overwork, or due to improper diet, or because of external evils, or permanently, kidney declines, viscera deficiency, spleen invigorating the right to water valley not lacking in the blood, breed, damp air does not choke the. L, foul air does not drop, kidney failure in opening and closing to gasification. Can not distinguish between turbid dampness and evil within the storage body, not external toxin solution, anger will saturate, so the invasion of pericardium, kidney wind, heart and kidney are lost until the end.

There are many types of renal failure, because the type of chronic renal failure is classified according to the symptoms of chronic renal failure

In the early stage of hypertensive renal failure, there is no obvious symptoms of renal failure in hypertensive patients. The abnormal renal function can only be detected by clinical laboratory tests. As a result, patients with early hypertension renal failure often do not know their own illness or can not be taken seriously, so as to delay the optimal treatment opportunity for hypertensive renal failure.

Mild to moderate renal failure symptoms of mild to severe renal failure in patients with hypertension, despite the increase in the body's metabolic waste, such as urea, but in the clinic may be only a slight symptoms. At this stage the patient, because the kidney at night can not be like that from the daily urine in the same moisture absorption and its concentration, therefore, in terms of hypertensive patients with renal failure in this stage, there may be many more urine at night, resulting in increased total amount of urine. On the other hand, due to the occurrence of renal failure in patients with hypertension, the kidney has been most fibrosis, the normal renal unit remaining number is small, the kidneys cannot remove excess salt and water, which will make the pressure more. In this way, hypertension and renal failure will form a vicious circle of the chain, each other and aggravate the condition of hypertensive renal failure patients.

In the late stage of renal failure in hypertensive patients with renal failure symptoms with what the disease continues to increase, to the late stage of the patient's body, metabolic waste in the blood product more, those harmful substances will affect the patient's muscle, nerve, brain, skin, digestive tract and other major systemic, causing hypertension renal failure patients appear a series of clinical symptoms, such as muscle cramps, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, and pain, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, halitosis, anemia, weight loss, skin brown, white powder, skin itching, convulsions, etc.. At this time, hypertension patients developed into a late stage of renal failure, sepsis, for the late treatment of great difficulty and risk.


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