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What are some common symptoms of kidney failure?

2017-02-14 14:37

Many patients with kidney disease with the development of the disease, there will be renal failure, which is the so-called clinical renal failure. Among them, the incidence of this disease is high, with great harm. There are many symptoms of renal failure, the performance of complex, early symptoms of light, not easy to be found. If you can give the appropriate treatment in the early, will achieve better treatment. So what are the main symptoms of renal failure?

Kidney failure can cause the patient's kidney function to be persecuted, the body can not produce enough red blood cells to produce hormones, resulting in anemia. Anemic people often feel cold and tired.

The main symptoms of renal failure is swelling, there are some patients will appear swelling phenomenon, at the same time, will be accompanied by reduced urine output, frequent urination (especially at night). Sword of hand, foot and ankle. Other symptoms are shortness of breath, swelling around the eyes.

In addition to the above symptoms will appear uremia, the physical discomfort may also lead to the occurrence of uremia. As the toxins and waste accumulate in the body, the patient may feel uncomfortable. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, nocturnal sleep, no appetite, itching and fatigue.

When the condition develops to the final stage, the patient's physical changes and symptoms will be obvious. Renal failure patients will be different. Here are some of the symptoms of renal failure: at the initial stage of renal failure, there is usually no symptom to warn the patient that his / her kidney is not working properly. This is why the regular urine and blood tests are very important reasons. Sometimes even if the patient feels good about himself, the results of the health check will show some signs of kidney disease.

Read the contents of the introduction, the main symptoms of renal failure are usually what should be clear it, once the above symptoms, should be promptly to the regular hospital for examination, treatment, can not be delayed. Many patients with kidney disease are not aware of the good and bad kidney function, in fact, and our daily bad habits, behavior has a great relationship, to protect our kidneys, we must start from the little things in life. I wish you a speedy recovery

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