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What is the early symptoms of women suffering from kidney fa

2017-02-14 14:32

When the development of kidney disease to the late, kidney disease in patients with renal function will slowly decline, why do you say so? Experts pointed out that renal dysfunction, water, electrolyte imbalance, toxins can not be successfully discharged through the urine, causing systemic symptoms of poisoning, which is chronic renal failure. There are many reasons for this situation, these may cause chronic renal failure disease should pay attention to active treatment, the following we come together to see it.

What are the early symptoms of female renal failure?

1, edema

This is a relatively easy to find the phenomenon. Is due to the kidneys can not clear the body of excess water and lead to liquid retention in the body tissue gap, early only in the ankle and eyelid edema, after the break, if unfolded to persistent or systemic edema, the disease is not light carry on.

2, drowsiness, fatigue

This may be a very early performance, but the most easily overlooked, due to cause drowsiness, the reason for fatigue is indeed too much. Especially those who in the cause of "full fight" people, most of them blame the work of panic and tired. If a little rest and the symptoms improved, it is easier to be ignored.

3, due to high creatinine creatinine dysfunction

This is due to uremic toxins, affecting the digestive function caused by the majority of people do not agree. To be out of the disease, will show abdominal discomfort discomfort, nausea, vomiting, resulting in increased stool frequency or will be shortcomings, this time, the disease has been heavier, which is often the patient had to seek medical attention.

4, face yellowing

This is due to anemia, because the performance of this attack and start very slow, so in a short period of time will not show a clear "contrast", as people meet in the morning and evening to find a variety of slow to start the same changes The

5, high blood pressure symptoms

As the kidney has a row of sodium, drainage function, renal function damage will occur when the body of sodium and water retention, in addition, this time the kidneys will secrete some of the blood pressure of the material. Therefore, patients with renal failure early there will be varying degrees of hypertension. If high blood pressure combined with poor blood coagulation caused by nasal bleeding or bleeding, to cause attention.

6, urine changes

Due to renal filtration function landing, some patients with the disease stop urine output will gradually decrease. Even if the normal urine output, due to the elimination of toxins in the urine to reduce the quality of landing, can not be discharged from the body too much waste, so to a certain extent, urine output can not be good to explain your kidney function is good or bad.

Through the introduction of the above, you have symptoms of women suffering from kidney failure should be aware of it, in short, as long as the kidney abnormalities, even if there is no symptoms of kidney disease should not be ignored, should be symptomatic treatment. Some not through the process of chronic, rapid development of renal failure, so we must be vigilant.

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