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The diet of patients with renal failure should be cautious

2017-02-11 15:14

Chronic nephritis can live how long? Uremia can live how long? How does creatinine fall down? There are serious urinary protein plus?

As we all know, is helpful to the disease rehabilitation diet, but many people ignore diet effect, then, in patients with renal failure, how can the diet? Kidney disease experts pointed out that in patients with renal failure, in addition to drug treatment, but also need a reasonable diet. The problem of diet in patients with renal failure has been a topic of great concern. A reasonable diet is beneficial to the treatment of patients. The diet of patients with renal failure is so important, what should eat?

The latest data show that in patients with renal failure, you can add some more high calorie foods, these high calorie foods mainly derived from fat and carbohydrate, fat and carbohydrate containing unsaturated fatty acids, can prevent the deterioration of renal function.

Most of the patients with chronic renal failure have water soluble vitamins and some trace elements zinc and iron deficiency. Therefore, patients with renal failure in a timely manner to supplement vitamin is very important. In addition to vitamin supplements, but also to supplement calcium.

Phosphorus intake should be limited in patients with renal failure. Strictly limit the phosphorus intake is not only effective means of delaying progression of chronic renal failure, which is more important to reduce the residual renal oxygen consumption, reduce the transmembrane pressure, alleviate tubulointerstitial damage, reduce the deposition of calcium phosphate in the renal tubules, basement membrane and interstitial damage, reduce inflammation, reduce renal tubule hypermetabolism, in order to retard the progress of chronic renal failure.

Low cholesterol diet in patients with renal failure. Low cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids can improve the abnormal lipid metabolism and hemorheology, reduce blood pressure and blood viscosity, prevent atherosclerosis, to prevent glomerular sclerosis is also very effective.

Read the introduction of the above content, patients with renal failure should know how to eat it, we must learn oh. If you have a physical health symptoms of kidney disease, do not delay the diagnosis, should go to a regular hospital for treatment of kidney disease, so as not to delay the disease, causing serious consequences. I wish you good health.


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