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Kidney failure patients taking ginseng tips

2017-02-11 15:07

Chronic nephritis can live how long? Uremia can live how long? How does creatinine fall down? There are serious urinary protein plus?

Now the people's living conditions better, reciprocity also increased, ginseng become Jiapin gifts, but do you know? Ginseng could be beneficial in the treatment of nephrotic. Experts pointed out that ginseng is sweet, bitter, warm, into the spleen, the lung, the main effect of Nourishing Qi, Qi Sheng Jin, tranquilize. Ginseng in chronic renal failure in a wide range of applications, it can also be called a special medicine, it is used in the following areas:

(1): Qi tonic for Guan Ge deficiency period, clinical manifestations of Shenpi sleepiness, fatigue and tired body, less gas lazy words, pale tongue, with scalloped edges, weak pulse such as deficiency disease, can be the first choice for ginseng as Qi tonic. If the card is available both qi and Yin, Shen Qi Di Huang Tang (born "Shen honour book") to each Yiqiyangyin buffer, good effect. The partial to Qi deficiency or yin and weight 10 to 12 grams of ginseng can be selected into the other fried liquid taking; if partial to Yang, ginseng cultivation should be small, generally 3 to 6 grams, or ginseng tonifying, without the disadvantages of warm dryness is more suitable, either fried against another solution in. Late stage of chronic renal failure patients affected at the heart palpitations, shortness of breath, syndrome, pulse imaginary number or knot generation the heart qi deficiency syndrome, available with ginseng ophiopogon root, Schisandra chinensis, namely Shengmai powder.

(2) yiqishengxue: in each is deficiency of the patients with renal failure, such as the yellow complexion without China, eyelid and lip a pale, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, pale tongue, thin pulse etc.. Li Dongyuan has stressed: "Zhongjing ginseng for the blood, the blood does not cover 8 students, to students of Yang Qi medicine is health, Yang Yin, blood is Wang yi. If the deficiency of single blood, no blood and no Yang it." The blood tonic in Wu ginseng to replenishing qi and blood, and the appropriate service. We have a cure for chronic renal failure in female patients, admission hemoglobin of 49 g / L, the secondary anemia is more serious. The red ginseng to daily 10 grams Shuijianbi, and served with maiweidihuang Decoction daily 1 agent, 41 days of treatment was 87 g / L of hemoglobin. When will the hospital continued wear red ginseng, the current condition is still stable.

(3) gutuo emergency: Ginseng Nourishing Qi, can save gas and dangerous card. When patients with end-stage uremia finally collapse, sweating, fine pulse card, can be 15 to 30 grams of Ginseng Agent meal served with fried field or tablets 6 to 12 grams of fried soup delivery service.

(4): "Wei Qi Qi jiebiao for chronic renal failure patients, coke" kidney weak will be health virtual is not solid, easy to suffer evil and the table card. If blindly sweating, Qi deficiency not only encouraged weakness, not to make camp evil, and strong the sweat will more hurt yang.

Through the introduction of the above, you on renal failure diet should be clear now, some friends in my life for this disease has puzzled how to care for kidney disease, must pay attention to their physical discomfort, understand certain symptoms, which can help us keep healthy.


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