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Can not we really deal with nenal failure?

2017-02-06 17:13

For patients with nephropathy, proteinuria has almost become a "homely food", the real "feast", is the increase of serum creatinine after renal failure.

You will feel after the creatinine rises:

The constitution is getting worse

The family is getting tired

More and more symptoms

The mood is getting worse

Relapse is faster and faster

The family is getting poorer and poorer


Renal failure is caused by persistent necrosis of renal cells.

It is also the key to the treatment of chronic renal failure.

How to treat general renal failure

Take the pills. Esit, Niaoduqing, haikunshenxi capsule, Shenshuaining and so on, there are many kinds of drugs.

But after using these drugs, creatinine did not decline, and even increased, how is this going on?


In terms of blood pressure, expansion of blood vessels and other aspects of the slow effect, only in a short period of time to improve nausea, malaise and other symptoms, in improving plasma ALB, delaying the role of glomerular sclerosis is not obvious. That is to say, Niaoduqing on the treatment of kidney disease is not symptomatic disease, not the final goal of treatment. In fact, Niaoduqing is a kind of rectal dialysis, long-term use, and also have a certain degree of dependence.


Serum creatinine are particularly effective, because it is a polymer of carbides, rich and developed, can be rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and blood creatinine, uric acid and other harmful substances, so can improve rapidly in a short period of time, nausea vomiting, shortness of breath and other symptoms. In fact, the role of aixite is the same principle with hemodialysis.

There is no real decline in creatinine drugs, so there are a large part of the doctor, as long as the development of kidney disease to see the three phase of the patient, so that home dialysis.

But "addicted", a dialysis through a lifetime; kidney transplant, without taking into account the cost of a few years will again also failure, only delayed the time of renal failure...... Is there really no way out?

Not at all。

Creatinine in the end how to drop?

The increase in creatinine is due to the loss of too many cells in the kidney, and the kidney cells that normally work. But there's a part of the cells that don't work, they don't have to be damaged, they're just damaged. This part of the cells to restore normal work, renal function will improve, creatinine can be decreased.

This process, western medicine is not able to do, and traditional Chinese medicine is effective.

A person with a creatinine level of more than and 100 is more likely to regain normal creatinine by restoring some of the cells;

While creatinine five hundred or six hundred, or even close to uremia, but also through the recovery of some kidney cells, the lower part of creatinine. Indeed, such a high creatinine, in addition to acute renal failure can not be reduced to normal, but dropped to three hundred or four hundred, more than a few years of normal life, it is entirely possible to do, which is quite good.

Usually, living on a diet, pay attention to hygiene, avoid evil, especially in the infectious disease epidemic season and regions should strengthen preventive measures; however, eat spicy Atsumi sunburn Huang, to prevent the breeding of damp heat; regulating emotions, maintain a happy, make blood smooth and avoid gas stagnation and blood stasis; strengthen physical exercise, improve defensive ability. Try to avoid using and exposure to drugs or poisons that are toxic to the kidneys. In case of accidental ingestion or contact, timely detection and early treatment should be performed. At the same time the early application of blood circulation drugs to prevent this disease once the original occurrence incidence induced acute kidney failure, should be treated as soon as possible, pay attention to expand blood volume, correct water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, restore circulation function. If it is found that the disease will occur, should take early measures to supplement the blood volume, increase cardiac output, the recovery of renal perfusion flow and glomerular filtration rate, eliminate intratubular obstruction, prevention of infection, prevent kidney deficiency, DIC has a positive effect.

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