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Eight symptoms of early renal failure

2017-02-06 14:45

1, drowsiness, fatigue symptoms

Early symptoms of renal failure in the earliest performance, but the most likely to be ignored, as a result of drowsiness, fatigue causes too much. Especially those in business "to fight", mostly blamed the panic and hard work. If a little rest and symptoms improved, it is more likely to be ignored.

2, showing symptoms of hypertension.

Because the kidney has the function of sodium excretion and drainage, the kidney function will be damaged when the body will produce sodium and water retention, in addition, at this time the kidney will secrete some of the high blood pressure substances. Therefore, patients with renal failure in the early stages of varying degrees of hypertension. If you have hypertension and poor blood clotting may cause nasal or bleeding gums, should arouse attention.

3, facial yellowing symptoms

This is because the symptoms of kidney failure caused by anemia, because of this attack and expansion is very slow, and not in a short time the apparent "contrast", as they are difficult to find in the morning and evening to meet various changes slowly.

4, swelling symptoms

This is a relatively easy to find phenomenon. Because the kidneys cannot eliminate excess body water and lead to fluid retention gap in tissue edema, early only in the ankle and eyelid department, after the break away, if the expansion to continue or systemic edema, has been very ill.

In short, the global network of experts said the hospital, to detect symptoms of renal failure, renal failure to do early detection, early prevention, early treatment.

5, the degree of anemia and renal function damage showed a parallel relationship, the more severe renal dysfunction, the more severe anemia, the general blood BUN increased by 2.8 to 4.2mmol/L per person, can make hemoglobin decreased by about 10g/L. Anemia is expected to improve when renal function is improved or adequately dialysis.

6, in some cases the main symptoms of anemia, kidney disease, absent or only with nocturia is not only the history of renal function.

7, form positive pigmented, conformal cell anemia, peripheral blood visible minority irregular cells, such as "prick" cells, spherical cells etc.. When BUN>16mmol/L, the prickle cells are quite common, and the frequency of occurrence is positively correlated with the degree of uremia.

8. The proliferation of bone marrow like red blood cells was close to normal, and the reticulocyte index was a little low or normal.

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