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Diet principle of renal failure

2017-02-01 14:10

Acute renal failure diet recuperation principle

Supply with enough heat to supply heat, easily digestible carbohydrates, more fruit, with wheat starch noodles, cereal, cookies or other snacks wheat starch, add a small amount of rice soup or porridge. Low protein diet: high biological acute renal failure patients in oliguric stage, should be 15 ~ 20 grams daily supply of biological low protein diet, so as to take care of the patients with renal insufficiency and their excretion ability, maintain the patient's nutritional needs.

If the oliguria period continues for a long time, extensive trauma or burn lost more protein, in addition to supplement high biological protein is lowest, where appropriate, with element diet. The supply of protein increased with the decrease of non protein nitrogen. High prices of protein should account for the total protein of 1/2 ~ 1/3, can choose to contain essential amino acid rich foods such as milk, eggs, etc.. Oliguria period to limit the amount of liquid into the body to prevent excessive fluid and cause acute pulmonary edema and diluted hyponatremia. The water content in food (including Steamed Rice and Steamed Buns) and the oxidation of water should be calculated (fat, protein and carbohydrate more water, less water). In the calculation of the amount of liquid into the case, can be appropriate to eat a variety of fresh fruit or vegetable juice to provide vitamin C and other vitamins and inorganic salts.

Note: because the sodium and potassium intake in patients with acute renal failure are often prone to edema, hyperkalemia, so it should be according to the different degree of edema, urine volume and blood sodium determination results, using less salt, salt or low sodium diet. If the blood potassium increased proportionally reduced supply of potassium in diet, so as to avoid the increase of exogenous potassium aggravated hyperkalemia.

Due to the presence of potassium in foods, in addition to avoid eating food with high potassium content, can take the frozen, soaked in water or discard soup and other methods to reduce the content of potassium.

Patients with acute renal failure should be fed

Milk, eggs, lean meat, wheat starch noodles, Cereals, cookies or other wheat starch snacks, fruit juice, tea, vegetables, water, fruits, vegetables, etc..

Urine can be used during the period of glucose, sucrose, fresh lemon juice, etc.; urine can be used in a variety of drinks if juice, tea, cocoa, vegetables, water, etc..

When patients with acute renal failure

According to the illness limit the intake of eggs, milk, water restriction; do not use oil and high protein food. Eat milk, eggs, lean meat, etc. according to the condition limit, avoid irritating foods such as wine, coffee, pepper, etc..


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