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What are the complications of renal failure

2017-01-03 15:17
Renal failure is often associated with hypertension, anemia, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, pericarditis, disorders of water and acid-base imbalance, renal osteodystrophy, fracture, infection etc..
In addition to the above complications, chronic renal failure dialysis patients can also have the following complications:
1 aluminum poisoning
Patients with end-stage renal disease treated with conventional dialysis are prone to concurrent al toxicity.
2 dialysis related amyloidosis
Dialysis related amyloidosis (DRA) is a form of bone and joint disease in patients with chronic dialysis. The clinical symptoms and incidence were closely related to the duration of dialysis.
3 changes of trace elements
Effect of renal failure and dialysis on the metabolism of trace elements greatly, they accumulated in various parts of the body can cause toxic reaction.
(1) aluminum: see aluminum poisoning.
(2) copper: plasma levels of copper in patients with chronic renal failure without dialysis were normal, but also slightly lower.
(3) zinc: chronic renal failure eating low protein diet and nephrotic syndrome, a large number of urinary protein loss of zinc content is often very low.
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