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What causes renal failure?

2017-03-19 15:10

At present, the incidence of clinical renal failure rate is extremely high, and renal failure will give the patient's body and life caused great harm, so many people want to know some knowledge about the causes of renal failure, in order to make prevention and nurse measures in daily life, so next will details introduce what the causes of renal failure.

Chronic renal failure (CRF) refers to various causes of chronic progressive renal damage, resulting in renal atrophy, unable to maintain the basic function, clinical in metabolite retention, water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders, systemic involvement as the main clinical manifestations of the syndrome. 

The reasons for kidney failure include the following: 

renal failure

1. The kidney's own lesions

Such induced renal failure accounted for more than 70% of chronic renal failure. Such as various types of chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic interstitial nephritis, kidney stones, renal cysts, renal artery stenosis, renal tubular acidosis, etc..

2. The cause of renal failure

There are a lot of different opinions, but after all is due to their kidney tissue lesions, so patients with nephropathy should actively do a good job in appear to prevent renal failure, timely treatment kidney disease. 

3. The cause of renal failure is due to obstruction of lower urinary tract

Such as prostatic hypertrophy or tumor, urethral narrow, urethral calculi, neurogenic bladder and so on, easy to cause secondary infection and repeated infection caused by chronic renal failure, accounting for about 1/5. 


4. Systemic disease or poisoning can cause renal failure

Systemic diseases can affect the kidney, leading to renal failure, such as long-term hypertension, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura, pregnancy induced hypertension, cirrhosis, gout and heavy metals (lead, cadmium, lithium and other toxic nephropathy etc.). 


Through the above, you must have a certain understanding for renal failure , I hope it can bring some help for you, and also suggest friends with kidney failure can actively to the regular hospital have treatment, so as to miss the right timing of treatment.

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