• stage 3 kidney disease diet:What to Eat and Avoid ?

    2017-10-14 17:49:03

    What is a strict diet for stage three chronic renal failure? Diet therapy is the foundation of all drug treatment, it is a very important part of the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure in principle. It not only keeps the patie...

    Tags:stage 3 diet

  • Red meat consumption and renal failure

    2017-10-14 16:49:04

    Many people like to eat red meat, which includes pork, lamb and beef, etc., is one of the important diet of many people, some people even no meat do not like. Chinese hospital experts show that red meat can increase the risk of renal failure, red meat con...


  • What are the respiratory complications in chronic renal failure?

    2017-10-04 10:27:58

    Because of the disorder of internal environment and the low immunity of CRF patients, the lung diseases are mainly affected by the internal and external pathogenic factors of the receptor, mainly including uremia, pulmonary edema, pleural effusion and so ...


  • What neuromuscular system complications can be caused by chronic renal failure?

    2017-10-04 10:25:26

    The complications of neuromuscular system in CRF are quite common, including uremic encephalopathy, uremic neuropathy, drug-induced nervous damage, neurological diseases caused by dialysis and cerebrovascular accidents in five categories. Uremic encephalo...


  • Does smoking easily get kidney function failure?

    2017-09-30 17:24:59

    Smoking is very easy to cause renal failure. Kidney failure is pided into acute and chronic. Hemodialysis is one of the safe, easy and widely used methods of purifying the blood. The basic principle of hemodialysis is to separate and purify the blood by t...


  • How to treat pediatric chronic kidney failure?

    2017-09-19 17:19:40

    The child is more often ill with various diseases, chronic kidney failure in children is always a lot of family worries, we need to know the methods of treating this disease, and what methods of treatment of chronic kidney failure are there? When the ...

    Tags:treat pediatric chronic kidney failure

  • Diagnosis of chronic renal failure in children

    2017-09-18 16:01:01

    Diagnosis of chronic renal failure in children always worries patients, many patients want to know how to diagnose chronic kidney failure, now we will talk a little about this problem. Chronic renal failure in the late stage already there are many symptom...


  • Symptoms of chronic renal failure in children

    2017-09-15 15:36:16

    For pediatric diseases, we must have some knowledge. Do not let the disease affect the child. So, what are the symptoms that occur in children with chronic renal failure? At an early stage in pediatric chronic renal failure, no early symptoms may appear. ...

    Tags:Symptoms of chronic renal failure in children

  • What research should be performed in pediatric chronic renal failure?

    2017-09-12 17:03:20

    The health of the child is the subject of attention of many friends, if the children are ill, then the whole family is concerned. Therefore, parents should regularly look after. So, for children with chronic kidney failure, what kind of research should we...


  • What is the life expectancy of patients with end-stage renal failure?

    2017-09-07 16:03:01

    What is the life expectancy of patients with end-stagerenal failure ? Qualified patients with serious renal failure afterkidney transplantation, if the operation is successful and takemedication on timefor a long-term, inpidual patients can survive more t...

    Tags:life expectancy of patients with end-stage renal failure

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