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Do you know your condition at which stage?

Do you know your condition at which stage?

Serum creatinine, creatinine values range according to the renal function is pided into 4 phases: 133mol/LScr177mol/L for decompensated renal function; 186mol/LScr442mol/L for renal decompensation; 443mol/LScr707mol/L for renal failure stage Scr708mol/L, ...

Serum creatinine, creatinine values range according to the renal function is pided into 4 phases: 133μmol/L≤Scr≤177μmol/L for decompensated renal function; 186μmol/L≤Scr≤442μmol/L for renal decompensation; 443μmol/L≤Scr≤707μmol/L for renal failure stage Scr≥708μmol/L, is developed to uremia. In the first two periods, the renal function is impaired, and the active treatment can reduce the damage. The renal failure stage is to delay the arrival of uremia as much as possible, while the uremic phase is to preserve the residual renal function and ensure the urine volume. However, serum creatinine has "hysteresis" and is susceptible to external factors such as exercise, diet and so on. It also needs to be combined with other aspects of the examination to diagnose.

Do you know your condition at which stage?

Creatinine clearance rate, attention is by checking the excretion of creatinine was measured in situ, renal function. With the development of renal function, creatinine clearance rate of memory is gradually decreased: decompensated renal function, 50ml/min≤Ccr≤80ml/min; renal decompensation, 20/min≤Ccr≤49ml/min; renal failure stage, 19ml/min≤Ccr≤10ml/min; Ccr≤9ml/min uremia.

The level of blood urea nitrogen and urea nitrogen in patients with chronic renal failure, especially in uremic patients, is consistent with the severity of the disease.

Cystatin C, compared with creatinine response, "lag", this examination is more sensitive, in the early decline of renal function began to rise.

Kidney ECT, which is a nuclear medicine examination, is radioactive and costly, and is usually combined with anatomical structures to explore renal function information.

From the creatinine clearance rate and creatinine clearance rate, when the renal function is in the compensatory phase and decompensation stage, the active treatment can be controlled or even cured. Therefore, once found kidney problems, must be timely examination and treatment.


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