diet for kidney disease
nephritis dietary guidelines|diet for nephritis

nephritis dietary guidelines|diet for nephritis

Nephritis diet is divided into acute nephritis diet and chronic nephritis diet, nephritis diet on the rehabilitation of the disease plays a very important role. For chronic nephritis, a reasonable diet and treatment are equally important. So patients with chronic nephritis in the diet to pay more attention.In patients with chronic nephritis diet should also eat light and easily digestible low salt or salt free diet. With the improvement of the condition, increased urine volume, edema subsided, in order to timely supplement a large number of lost protein in urine, can gradually transition to high-quality protein diet. Such as anemia, can use iron rich foods, such as animal blood, animal liver, lean meat, jujube, black beans, black fungus, sesame etc..

  • Iga kidney disease in patients with diet errors have what?

    Iga kidney disease in patients with diet errors have what? Iga nephropathy relies only on drug therapy is not enough, but also in the diet to be conditioning. Scientific and reasonable diet on Iga nephritis patients rehabilitation is very helpful.

  • IgA nephropathy diet prognosis attention!

    After Iga nephropathy, in addition to treatment, the daily life of Iga nephropathy is very important care, effective care can not only make Iga kidney disease effective control, but also enable patients to better return to health.

  • IgA nephropathy patients in the diet need to pay attention t

    IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disease which easily hits children and teenagers. Best diet plan helps improve the outcome of treatment and life quality.

  • Prevention of nephritis from the beginning of the diet

    First, control the diet, to avoid excessive intake of acidic substances, exacerbate the acidic body. Diet acid and alkali balance for the treatment of the disease and the prevention and treatment of complications is a very important part. Diet to eat more

  • What are the requirements of hypertensive nephropathy diet?

    What are the requirements of hypertensive nephropathy diet ?The treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, dietary behavior also should pay attention to, especially some overeating patients are influential for the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy, during

  • Diet care for diabetic nephropathy in pregnancy

    Diabetic nephropathy in pregnancyis suggestedto take active and effective measures to prevent the progression of the disease.The diet is a very important aspect, now let us take a look at diet nursing stage of diabetic nephropathy in pregnancypatients wit

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