diet for kidney disease
best diet for renal failure

best diet for renal failure

A renal failure diet controls the amount of protein and phosphorus in your diet. You may also have to limit calcium, sodium, and potassium. A renal failure diet can help decrease the amount of waste made by your body, which can help your kidneys work better. It may also help to delay total renal failure.

  • How to treat chronic renal failure complicated with urinary

    Patients with renal failure are easily complicated with infection, such as urinary tract infection, should be treated immediately, sensitive antibiotics for possible pathogens, and support therapy to enhance the disease resistance of the body. Urinary tra

  • what creatinine level requires dialysis?

    what creatinine level requires dialysis?Many people believes that when creatinine level rises,dialysis is needed.Actually,it is not true. Not all high creatinine level need dialysis.what creatinine level requires dialysis?What are the relationships of

  • stage 3 kidney disease diet:What to Eat and Avoid ?

    What is a strict diet for stage three chronic renal failure? Diet therapy is the foundation of all drug treatment, it is a very important part of the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure in principle. It not only keeps the patie

  • Red meat consumption and renal failure

    Many people like to eat red meat, which includes pork, lamb and beef, etc., is one of the important diet of many people, some people even no meat do not like. Chinese hospital experts show that red meat can increase the risk of renal failure, red meat con

  • How to treat pediatric chronic kidney failure?

    The child is more often ill with various diseases, chronic kidney failure in children is always a lot of family worries, we need to know the methods of treating this disease, and what methods of treatment of chronic kidney failure are there? When the

  • What should we do to treat kidney failure?

    What should we do to treat kidney failure? Kidney failure has a great harm on the human body, if without active treatment, it is easy to develop into uremia, and even lead to death. So the treatment is essential for patients with renal failure. So, What s

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