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Principles of dietary therapy in diabetic nephropathy patients

Principles of dietary therapy in diabetic nephropathy patients

Principles of dietary therapy in diabetic nephropathy patients...

The control diet therapy on patients with diabetic nephropathy is very important, and in patients with diabetic nephropathy and diet also take care of the treatment of two diabetic nephropathy and need, therefore should follow the principle of diet therapy, namely, high-quality low protein diet, diet, regular quantitative limit salt water restriction etc..

High quality low protein diet: how much protein intake in diabetic nephropathy patients should be determined by blood creatinine level and endogenous creatinine clearance rate. The higher the serum creatinine level, the lower the endogenous creatinine clearance rate, the more stringent the protein intake control. We should try to reduce the intake of vegetable protein, this is because the plant protein containing non essential amino acids, protein is inferior, usually should eat soy products, may be appropriate to limit staple food, such as flour, rice, the staple food because there is a certain amount of plant protein, may be appropriate to add milk, egg, fish, meat and other animal protein, which especially in milk, egg protein.

Diet timing quantitative: diabetic nephropathy can be three meals a day or four meals, three meals, heat distribution for breakfast 1/5, lunch and dinner each 2/5. Four meals, the heat distribution for breakfast 1/7, and the remaining three meals each 2/7.

Salt water restrictions: when patients have hypertension or edema, to limit salt intake, daily intake should not exceed 3 grams, water right should be voided volume one day before the 300 ml to 500 ml, maintained substantially constant weight.

In addition, patients with diabetic nephropathy diet should be high cellulose, low phosphorus, appropriate supplement calcium, vitamins.

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