• Meaning of creatinine

    2017-03-03 15:04:41

    24 h urinary protein quantification is the gold standard for diagnosing kidney disease with proteinuria. With the emergence of a method for the detection of urinary protein / creatinine (Pro / Cr) ratio at the same time, it has become a dia...


  • found how to do renal cysts?

    2017-03-03 15:04:27

    One side of the kidneys appear in a single kidney cyst is often a simple renal cyst, is widely used after the B-wide kidney lesions. The incidence in the population was 10%, with an increase in the incidence of age increased. The reason is...


  • alert to separate renal cysts

    2017-03-03 15:02:56

    The vast majority of renal cysts are simple renal cysts, but also some are kidney tumors. But note that kidney tumors manifested as renal cysts are often separated, which is the characteristics of these diseases. Cystic nephropathy is a cys...


  • What is the optimal treatment method of kidney cyst?

    2017-03-03 14:36:51

    What is the best method of treatment of renal cyst? There are many reasons for renal cyst People in the family suffering from this disease, it is necessary to active treatment, we look at how to treat it. The best treatment of renal cysts,...


  • How do renal cyst waist ache?

    2017-03-03 14:36:32

    How do renal cyst waist ache? The occurrence of renal cyst is a kind of common nephropathy. Such diseases generally occur Because the diet is not reasonable, infection, but also because of a cold caused by. The occurrence of renal cysts and...


  • What is the reason for the occurrence of renal cysts

    2017-03-03 14:36:15

    What is the cause of the occurrence of renal cysts, renal cysts, as the name suggests is that we have a lot of kidney caused by the mass of the situation, face Patients do not worry about this situation, worry is useless, only positive trea...


  • The recipe in the treatment of renal cysts

    2017-03-03 14:35:55

    The recipe in the treatment of renal cysts. The occurrence of kidney disease is a very serious disease, especially the occurrence of renal cyst disease, there will be a very serious situation, therefore, Only timely treatment can control th...


  • Is kidney cyst how to return a responsibility?

    2017-03-03 14:35:30

    What is the matter with the kidney cyst? Our body is constantly changing, and it will be affected by many factors, especially in unhealthy life In the environment, the disease may increase. In particular, the incidence of kidney disease, in...


  • What are the three major factors that cause renal cysts?

    2017-03-03 14:35:11

    What are the three major factors that cause renal cysts, renal cysts are one of the causes of kidney disease, the cause of renal cyst, a lot of factors, some people because of infection Some are due to complications caused by other diseases...


  • What causes renal cysts?

    2017-03-03 14:34:51

    What are the reasons that may cause renal cysts kidney is a very important organ for men, there is a good kidney can make men very confident. also Can have a perfect sex life, so we must be good to protect their kidneys, if the kidney probl...


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