• Should renal cyst 3cm size be treated?

    2017-05-13 17:53:19

    Can women with polycystic kidney disease give birth to a child? For all female friends, a child is their desire, hereditary polycystic kidney disease patients feel painful and fear their children also get the disease; look at how kidney spe...

    Tags:polycystic kidney disease female giving birth renal cyst 3cm

  • Can kidney cyst be cured by taking medicine only?

    2017-05-13 17:48:13

    Usually for a lot of patients being diagnosed with renal cyst, the doctor recommended surgery; but we know the surgery after all belong to a trauma treatment, so patients often have the question that Can kidney cyst be cured by taking medic...

    Tags:kidney cyst take medicine only

  • Health care for renal cysts patients

    2017-05-13 16:47:12

    Health care for renal cysts patients. Along with the examination technique progress and the health examination popularization, the kidney cysts detection rate is higher. In addition to medical treatment, patients should pay attention to the...

    Tags:renal cysts

  • What need to pay attention with uremia?

    2017-05-03 09:30:30

    Sometimes people really do not know the true meaning of this society, we always have to bear a lot of pain and pain, but we have to live every day to face a lot of problems to solve it, rather than look at the problem so pessimistic, we sho...


  • What are the symptoms of left renal cysts?

    2017-05-03 09:28:57

    In recent years, people suffering from renal cyst nephropathy more and more people, to the health of the body great harm. So patients with hypertensive nephropathy should timely to the hospital for treatment, then what symptoms will occur i...

    Tags:renal cysts symptoms of renal cysts left renal cysts

  • Why is it suffering from kidney cysts?

    2017-05-03 09:26:53

    1, infection factors: When a part of our body infected and if the patient not treated in time, the infection can enter the kidney through the blood, leading to cyst gene changes, so that the internal factors of cyst activity increased, and...

    Tags:causes of renal cysts

  • Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of renal cyst

    2017-04-30 19:15:07

    Is the treatment for renal cyst good? As we all know, the harm to the body of renal cyst, kidney cysts were also looking for the best treatment methods, the development of the society, medicine is constantly improved, so the method in the t...


  • Dietary considerations of diabetic nephropathy

    2017-03-25 10:37:59

    Diabetic nephropathy is a serious illness of diabetes, diabetic patients are generally in the diet prevention, but in addition to should pay attention to diet taboos, they should pay more attention to patients diet, diabetic nephropathy is...


  • What is the difference in the middle of easy renal cyst and polycystic kidney illness

    2017-03-25 10:36:07

    Simple renal cyst is a all-powerful cystic disease of the kidney, few people are the primary lawlessness, usually because there are totaling kidney mayhem or kidney disease happened to the lead to stir the kidney tissue, the cells are cystic...


  • Renal cyst four diet taboo

    2017-03-06 17:31:24

    1, diet is not section If hunger is nutritional deficiencies, satiety is easy to damage the spleen and stomach digestion and absorption function and blood circulation disorder, eiofsf is easy to produce heat . 2, eating unclean What are the...


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