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What kind of kidney cysts are inherited?

2017-10-29 17:13

First kidney cyst is part of the urine in the local renal tubular retention time is too long to form, pided into simple renal cysts, acquired renal cysts and polycystic kidney disease.

What kind of kidney cysts are inherited?

Simple renal cysts: This type of renal cysts are benign, there are single and multiple cases, most people are physical examination found that the diameter is generally around 2cm, usually there is no uncomfortable place. Is acquired, do not have heredity, more than 50 years of age in the elderly are high incidence of people, young people have also occurred, the situation is less.

Usually only need to do a clear diagnosis, regular review can be. Single renal cysts more than 4cm or oppression with infection when the situation needs to be dealt with. And simple development of simple renal cysts, generally does not affect renal function.

Acquired renal cysts: This is a class of secondary renal cysts, and age is not much, and more due to the formation of dialysis treatment. Studies have found that dialysis for more than 3 years prone to renal cysts, with more obvious clinical symptoms, more susceptible to infection, malignant transformation than polycystic kidney disease. Therefore, the need for dialysis or dialysis of kidney disease patients, to maintain an optimistic attitude, seriously follow the doctor, carefully record the development of the disease, pay attention to avoid infection, the situation will be much better.

Polycystic kidney disease: this type of renal cyst is usually known to have hereditary nephropathy, mostly in the kidneys, with age, there will be proteinuria, high blood pressure, heart failure, low back pain, hematuria, nocturia increased , Stones, obstruction and other clinical symptoms. If it is found that polycystic kidney disease, should be as soon as possible to their immediate family members to do some related checks, early detection, early treatment, will achieve better treatment.

In the treatment of the main control of blood pressure, control of infection, prevention of colds. Suffering from polycystic kidney disease patients, and not too nervous, the correct face of the disease, with the treatment of regular doctors, the disease will be stable control.

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